History of our Association

The idea for estabilishing the Hungarian branch of the International Bodyguard Association as well as ILETA (The International Law Enforcement Training Agency) were created in the autumn of 2001. It is widely known, the national civil security sphere with its nearly twelve-year experience is far underdeveloped comparing to the professional standards of the states of the EU and developed countries.

Having known the deficiencies since the political transformation, a perceptible demand has created in national security professionals (ranging from property guards, bodyguards to leaders of security companies) to keep up with their western colleagues testifying that it is important for all of them to improve the prestige of the profession.

Thus, as the standards of security professionals training in Hungary is far from the quality of training in EU countries, the introduction of the training system of an internationally experienced association has become more and more urgent.

The facts mentined above had launched the progress as a result of which we established IBA Hungary Ltd. in Budapest on 15 May 2002. IBA Hungary Ltd. started two training centres as well, on the one hand, the bodyguard training course of IBA, on the other hand, in the future ILETA will provide professionals working in general and particular security fields with the opportunity for high-level training.



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